The Zuni Mountain Trails are currently OPEN for 2019!

High Desert Trail System in Gallup is currently OPEN for 2019! 

We have big plans for 2019... 
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Gallup Trails Incorporated is a US 501.c.3 nonprofit corporation

We have received final approval of the Zuni Mountain Trails Project, 
which adds hundreds of miles of new trail in the Zuni Mountains. 
Ground work began in 2018, will continue with YCC and SWCC crews.
Tell them you appreciate their HARD work if you encounter them!

Gallup Trails is currently working with Gallup Land Partners (GLP) to
develop and improve trails on GLP lands adjacent to the City. 

We are actively pursuing the development and improvement of SAFE 
alt. transportation (pedestrian/wheelchair/bicycle) routes within and 
throughout the City. We welcome your input concerning this issue at


High Desert Trail System chosen as one of America's Great Trails by the US Dept of the Interior.

Zuni Mountains Trail Partnership - Future of the Zuni Mountains.

NM State Parks Division Trail Award presented to Gallup Trails

Gallup Trails believes that creating a variety of accessible trails improves the quality of life for all citizens through health and economic benefits.

"Gallup Trails is a local trails advocacy organization serving McKinley County, NM. Gallup Trails has a successful track record in completing trail construction and improvement projects, partnering with state and federal land managers, and engaging the broader community in trails dialogue."  - Attilla Bality, NPS-RTC

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Every year, more and more Gallupians, and an increasing number of tourists, are discovering the joy and health benefits of the hiking and biking trails in and around our beautiful town.  The diversity and number of trail-users is a marked and impressive change from the early days when a small handful of dedicated local cyclists recognized that with effective coordination of local resources, Gallup could develop one of the best trail systems in the nation. Thus in 2002, Gallup Trails was created.  So here's a little more about what's in our name.


GT is a membership-based non-profit organization that believes that accessible trails improve the quality of life for all citizens of Gallup and McKinley County.  With almost a hundred local members and a Board of Directors composed of a dozen Gallupians;  we're from Gallup, and what we do is for Gallup.  The focus of GT's trail development effort has been centered on Gallup and the surrounding County.  We've formed close partnerships with every level of local, state, and federal government to promote trails development in this area, specifically in the western Zuni Mountains (McGaffey area), Gamerco (north Gallup), and within the city limits.  


GT is dedicated to promoting non-motorized outdoor recreation on a variety of trail types and terrain.  We've worked to develop trails that range from in-town commuter trails (east Hwy. 66, 2nd St., Wilson St.), to highly developed and sustainable trails for all abilities like the 23-mile High Desert Trail System, to the narrow singletrack trails winding through the high forests of the Zuni Mountains.  Trails are for everyone, and Gallup's trails vary as much as the users.  Some of these trails have existed in a rudimentary form for many years, but it's only within the last decade that, through the development and protection of these early trails, Gallup's outdoor recreation opportunities have gained state and national prominence.

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Join us in enjoying Gallup's great trails; trail maps, directions, and up-to-date information are on this website, www.galluptrails.com.  Please consider becoming a supporter of our organization today.

Brickyard Bike Park, Gallup, NM

Aspen Corridor Trail, Zuni Mts.
Aspen Corridor Trail, Zuni Mts.

Pyramid Rock Trail, Red Rock State Park
Pyramid Rock Trail, Red Rock State Park

Aspen Corridor Trail, Zuni Mts.

McKenzie Ridge Trail, Zuni Mts.

Y2K Trail, Zuni Mts.

Red Rocks Trail, Zuni Mts.

Six Flags Intersection, High Desert Trail System

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